What is a Topical CBD Salve?

What is a Topical CBD Salve?

A topical cbd salve is a type of CBD product that you apply directly to the skin. It typically combines a CBD oil with a carrier oil or wax to create a semi-solid substance that can be easily massaged into the skin and targeted for specific needs like aches and pains. It also may contain other ingredients to help enhance the experience and boost the effectiveness of the topical salve.

How much CBD in lotion is good?

Unlike tinctures or edibles, which can take a long time to kick in and have to be consumed,topical cbd salve products deliver almost instant relief when applied directly to the skin. This is because CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system through the ECS receptors found in our skin. This system plays a critical role in maintaining balance and providing comfort and support in our bodies.

The first thing to remember when using a topical is to wash the area where you plan to apply the ointment. This ensures that there are no barriers between the ointment and your skin to allow for maximum absorption. Next, generously apply the ointment to the desired area and massage gently to help promote absorption. You can reapply the ointment as often as needed. When applying CBD ointments, start with a small amount and increase your application gradually to find the right dosage for your specific situation. If you’re new to CBD, it’s best to consult a doctor for recommendations about the right dosage for your needs.

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