CRPL Seminar Series: ‘The Past History and Present Management of Abuse within Yogi Bhajan’s Healthy, Happy, Holy Organisation’ – Dec, 2020

Philip Deslippe presented on the 10th December 2020 as part of the CRPL Seminar Series 2020/21 with his paper titled: 'The Past History and Present Management of Abuse within the Yogi Bhajan's Healthy, Happy, Holy Organisation (3HO)'. Philip Deslippe - Biography Philip Deslippe is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Religious Studies at the University... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with Rajeev Gupta, a real-life BBC Producer

The Level 3 Undergraduate module ‘Religion and Media’ (THEO3000) is taught by CRPL member Dr. Jasjit Singh. It examines the interrelationships between religions and the media, including how media portray and represent either ‘religion’ as a general concept, or discrete religious traditions. The module is open to students from both the School of Media and... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: South Asian Arts-UK

Rachael Vickerman is a third-year undergraduate student in the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science at the University of Leeds. Her degree focus is Theology & Religious Studies and as part of her final year project, decided to undertake an external placement at South Asian Arts-UK, researching visitor attendance and reflecting on the work being... Continue Reading →

Sikh Radicalisation in Britain

CRPL researcher Dr Jasjit Singh writes about the findings of his recently completed research project on Sikh radicalisation in Britain, the report of which was published last week. He found very little evidence of religious radicalisation but did find that Sikh activism in Britain actually contributes positively to integration and social cohesion. Sikh Radicalisation in... Continue Reading →

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