Liverpool-Yemenis: A Sketch of a Hidden Community

  David Harrison is currently working with the Liverpool-Yemeni community for his PhD research which questions UK Yemeni and Arab diaspora identity, their relationship with Liverpool, Yemen, religion, politics and language. He also works and volunteers at several community events and organisations in Liverpool. Other research interests include: Arabic and Semitic linguistics, Arabic dialectology, early and... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: ‘The Voices of Asia’

Saffron Baty is a third-year undergraduate student in the School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science at the University of Leeds. Her degree focus is Theology & Religious Studies and as part of her final year project, decided to undertake an external placement at Leeds City Museum working on the ‘Voices of Asia’ exhibit,... Continue Reading →

Re-imagining a True Social Order: how the First World War shaped Quaker social action

By Dr Rachel Muers In May 1918, Quakers in Britain gathered in London for their annual meeting. The times were turbulent. The death toll from the war continued to mount, it was the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, and many people and organisations in Britain were discussing radical social, political and religious change. Quakers themselves... Continue Reading →

The Buddha and the Foxes: What Leicester City FC might tell us about Buddhism in Britain

By Dr Caroline Starkey Whilst the world (or at least, some of it) waits with baited breath for the Chelsea v Tottenham score to see whether Leicester City FC top the Premiership, an interesting side-story has been doing the media rounds. Can the meteoric rise of 'the Foxes', as Leicester are known, be attributed to more than footballing prowess?... Continue Reading →

Being Muslim in Bradford and Southeast Michigan: Exclusion and Visibility, Diversity and Cohesion

by Dr Sean McLoughlin A few years ago I was fortunate to be invited to undertake a three-day lecture tour in the United States organised by the British Council in Washington as part of its “Our Shared Future” programme. A partnership with the Carnegie Corporation of New York, this programme aimed to improve the often... Continue Reading →

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