EV Cars for Sale

EV Cars for Sale

ev cars for sale

The EV cars for sale are expanding, but not everyone wants to buy an all-new model. As a result, more used EVs are expected to hit the secondary market this year, with some models getting into the thousands of miles at a fraction of their price. That’s good news for those who are EV-curious, particularly as more Hertz vehicles drop out of the rental fleet and more owners move to sell their old Teslas. According to Cox Automotive, dealers have a nationwide 92-day supply of used EVs in stock.

As a rule, smaller EVs with higher mileage are more affordable. They’re also easier to keep in good condition, since there’s no oil and cooling systems to replace. That’s important, because a vehicle with an electric motor tends to degrade much faster than gasoline-powered engines, especially when they’re driven hard.

Efficiency in Motion: Exploring EV Cars for Sale

Shoppers looking for the most bang for their buck should consider the 2023 Mini Cooper SE Electric, which starts at $31,895 before incentives. It offers up to 114 miles between recharges and has enough cargo space for your family.

More established automakers are cutting EV production targets, but pure-play EV manufacturers are plowing ahead with expansion plans and launching new models. That means there’s never been a better time to test out a battery-powered car or truck. Whether you want an affordable sedan or a sporty hatchback, there’s probably one on this list that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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