Media on Religion, February Edition

Dr Abel Ugba is member of the Centre for Religion and Public Life and Teaching Fellow in Sociology at the University of Leeds whose work focuses on media, religion, migration and international development. This is the fifth piece for his ongoing MoR column for the Religion in Public blog. IN FEBRUARY 2019, believers condemned cartoons... Continue Reading →

‘The Diversity of NonReligion In Europe’ – CRPL Seminar, Feb’19

On the 28th February 2019, Dr Josh Bullock will present his paper on 'The Diversity of NonReligion in Europe' for the Centre of Religion and Public Life.  Already, much of Europe is marching towards a post-Christian society with young adults especially neither identifying with, nor practising religion. Nevertheless, Europe’s nations exhibit a great deal of... Continue Reading →

‘Bad Romance? Representations of David and Bathsheba in Popular Culture and the Erasure of Sexual Violence’ – CRPL Seminar, Feb’19

On the 14th February 2019, Dr Katie Edwards will present their paper 'Bad Romance? Representations of David and Bathsheba in Popular Culture and the Erasure of Sexual Violence' for the Centre of Religion and Public at the University of Leeds. Dr Katie Edwards is Director of the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies and Lecturer in The Bible in Contemporary... Continue Reading →

Christians at Pride

Anthea Colledge is a part-time WRoCAH PhD student in the department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds, and is currently also Anglican Chaplain to the University. I remember the first time I went to an LGBTQ Pride. I was still getting used to wearing a clerical collar, and hadn’t ever worn... Continue Reading →

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