Faith in Global Health: Life Before Death (Sadler Seminar Series) Professor Jim Cochrane (Cape Town)

All welcome to the next Sadler Seminar: Religions and Public Health – Sharing and Learning Across Diverse Geographical Settings


Speaker: Professor Jim Cochrane (Cape Town)


Date: Tuesday 21st February

Time: 2 – 4pm

Venue: Leeds Humanities Research Institute, 29 – 31 Clarendon Place, seminar room 1


This seminar draws on evidence gathered in the US and Africa to demonstrate what can be achieved when faith communities and health communities are aligned. Whilst health asset mapping methodologies offer new possibilities for thinking about wellbeing, health assets in themselves are of limited value until they are intentionally leveraged. The significance of ‘agency’ and its relationship to the ‘leading causes of life’ approach to wellbeing is explored and their relevance to global health development argued. 

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