Sadler Seminar Series 2016/17, Centre for Religion and Public Life, University of Leeds

Religions and Public Health: bridges and barriers to improving global health outcomes


This seminar series will interrogate methodological and theoretical questions about the complex ways that religious world-views and institutions shape understandings of and outcomes related to health. We will ask:

  • How can we develop better translations across different paradigms for thinking about wellbeing (e.g. from the spiritual/holistic to the biomedical)? What are implications/consequences for health providers and health seekers?
  • Where desired, how can we increase PH awareness amongst religious actors, including with respect to contributions they already make, as well as linking them more effectively to PH systems in their localities?
  • How can we be open about the difficulties/chasms between religious and ‘secular’ actors – where can these be reconciled, and where can they not?

Through careful selection of contributors, both academic and non-academic, and drawing upon the University of Leeds’s strong traditions in the study of health, the research agenda we develop will clearly focus on the most relevant questions to enable us to understand the opportunities and limits for engagements between religions and public health globally, incorporating qualitative as well as quantitative methods.


 Seminar 1 – Religions and Public Health: Outlining an Agenda

Date: Thursday October 27th 2016, 2-4 pm

Location: Worsley Seminar Room (9.50)

The aim of this first seminar is to bring interested parties together to begin to examine what a research agenda on ‘religions and public health’ might look like. The seminar will be led by Professor Emma Tomalin and Dr Joannna Sadgrove, who will briefly outline their work to date this area and explain why they have convened this seminar series. We invite individuals from across different university faculties to participate.

Seminar 2 – The Multiple World View Encounter: Health, Religions and HIV

Date: Wednesday November 9th 2016, 1-3 pm

Location: Blenheim Terrace Seminar Room (G.02) House No. 11-14


 Seminar 3 – Religions and Public Health: Sharing and Learning across Diverse Geographical Settings (Date/location TBC)

Seminar 4 – Religions and Public Health: Austerity, Neo-liberalism and welfare – shifting roles for faith actors (Date/location TBC)

 Seminar 5 – Religions and Public Health: Bridging gaps, Recognising Barriers (Date/location TBC)

 Seminar 6 – Religions and Public Health: Mental Health (Date/location TBC)

 Seminar 7 – Religions and Public Health: Social Isolation and its Impact on Health (Date/location TBC)

 Seminar 8 – Religions and Public Health: End of Life Care (Date/location TBC)

 Seminar 9 – Religions and Public Health: Developing and Integrating Quantitative, Spatial and Qualitative Methods (Date/location TBC)

 Seminar 10 – Places of Worship as ‘Healthy Settings’ (Date/location TBC)

For further information please contact:

Dr Joanna Sadgrove –

Professor Emma Tomalin-


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