How Can I Earn Money Online As a Student in India Without Investment?

How Can I Earn Money Online As a Student in India Without Investment?

How can i earn money online as a student in india without investment? Many people these days are seeking out ways to earn a few extra rupees – college students, stay-at-home spouses, homemakers, retirees and businessmen/women want to do something on the side. One such option is becoming a dropshipper, where you sell products on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, but don’t keep any inventory. The orders are redirected to the product manufacturer, who packs and ships it to the customer. This is a great option for people who are looking for an easy and legitimate work from home job.

How can a student earn money while studying in India?

Another way to make money is by writing blog posts on your own website or a third party’s platform (like Medium or WordPress). This will require you to have good writing skills and be able to communicate with your audience. But once you have that down, you can make a decent amount of money every month by advertising on your blog.

You can also do what is known as beta testing for websites and apps. Companies hire users to test out their apps and websites to ensure they are functioning properly and bug-free before they go live to the public. This is a very easy and fast way to earn money online as a student.

Other options to make money as a student include teaching or tutoring others in your subject of expertise. This is a great way to not only make some extra cash but also gain valuable work experience and build a network in the corporate world that you can leverage once you graduate from your university.

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